Welcome to the best place to – Make Our Money Matter


MOMM – the place for YOU to make a difference; for yourself, your family, your CommUnity and the AFRICAn Diaspora globally.

COME TOGETHER to contribute and Participate with other individuals in your CommUnity, young and old, joining YOUR energy with BLACK Organisations and Black-owned Business (B-oB) to REALISE the POWER you hold – through Consumer Economic Empowerment.

MOMM – Make Our Money Matter offers opportunity for YOU to engage to:

  • Make Connections and Meeting Up
  • Facilitate Individual Activism
  • Motivate Group Campaigning
  • Allow Group Discussion, Debate and Solution Finding
  • Achieve Economic Consumer Empowerment and Education
  • Attend Black CommUnity Financial Independence Learning Workshops
  • Experience Social Cohesion
  • Share Knowledge of ancestral, alternative and historical systems and success in promoting New solutions to commerce
  • Achieve Positive CHANGE
  • Enable skill and resource sharing to help raise B-oB standards/performance
  • Learn from and BUILD more Successful B-oB
  • Support Effective re-circulation of the “Black Pound”
  • Encourage Collective Investment Opportunities
  • Create Financial Instruments that fulfil OUR CommUnity’s needs
  • Establish relationships with Black and grass roots CommUnity Organisations
  • Build Connectivity through the MOMM MatriX

Starting out in 2015 on MeetUp.com in response to the disenfranchisement of the local and Black Business community in Brixton South London, MOMM – Make Our Money Matter aimed to use “Flash Mobbing” as a means to support Black Businesses across London and the UK.

Over the subsequent years, this vision has developed to a much wider scope directed at galvanising and empowering all Black people and those of colour towards REALISING the POWER they hold and can control through their buying decisions.

Further to that, understanding business and financial education, knowledge and independence as the key to empowerment of the Black CommUnity as Individuals, Organisations and B-oB has led to establishment of numerous initiatives and opportunities designed to Grow the Economic and Consumer Choice options accessible that can be utilised effectively to achieve constructive change.